High Qaulity

All Archalyk products are made from Powrize underground sweet-water, which during production runs seven stages of purification and enriched with silver ions.


Latest Technology

We use equipment and raw materials from leading manufacturers from Turkey, Japan, Italy and Germany in a clean and fully automated production environment.


Wide Range

Our company's products are represented by a wide range of clean drinking water and low-calorie carbonated beverages, which is able to satisfy every taste.



The activities of our company are aimed at producing ecologically pure drinks on the basis of spring water, including bottling the pure spring water. Our organization was founded in 1997. During this period of time we had a leading role at the market of manufacturing and sale of nonalcoholic drinks and bottled drinking water in Turkmenistan. Weve earned respect and trust of our clients thanks to...



In production we use the equipments of famous foreign manufacturers of Japan and Turkey, water from Powrize underground sweet-water, which is famous for its taste and purity, and the raw materials of the leading foreign suppliers. The high quality of water and drinks made by the company Archalyk is provided thanks to constant control of the used raw material, thorough supervision of technological process...




Our company's products have gained popularity due to the huge variety of tastes of carbonated beverages. Buyers are able to choose from over a dozen types of low-calorie carbonated drinks and fruit lemonade series, everyone's favorite cola, and of course pure drinking water from Powrize underground sweet-water...


Water delivery department:

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Head office:

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Other contacts:

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