Drinking water “Archalyk”

“Archalyk” delivers drinking water and provides fast solution to daily issues.

A water purified from harmful sediments, softened and treated with silver will quench your thirst and protect from diseases.

Sparkling water “Archalyk”

Owing to its amazing effect, sparkling water slakes your thirst and helps to feel yourself in a better way during the whole day.

Fruit drinks

Enriched with tasty fruits, carbonated, low-calorie drinks will give you flavor of fruits and we quench your thirst. Fruit drinks have flavors of Orange, Lemon, Forest berries, Apple, Peach and Cherry.

Premium drinks

Prepared from natural drinking water Archalyk, sugar syrup, fruit and berry extracts, Archalyk Premium drinks will give you rich flavor and quench your thirst.

Original 0,5-liter bottle will also deck out any, even the most festive table, and amazingly will deliver you natural and tasty qualities of the drink.

Vitamin-rich malt drinks

Specially prepared drink from natural drinking water with a taste of malt and traces of fruits will give you unforgettable flavor a feeling of good mood. 

Product line has 3 flavors: Pineapple, Peach, Vitamin.